Quality Policy

With the ultimate awareness in that we serve in the human healthcare industry, we always seek the best and set an example in everything we do.

The Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing Plant was especially designed to comply with international standards and European cGMP, to use cutting-edge technologies, and, due to its strong infrastructure, and to be ready for expansion if the construction and commissioning of additional manufacturing sites is deemed necessary.

Secondary packaging, considered as the final phase of production, is also carried out in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Storage activities are carried out in accordance with the internationally valid Distribution Regulations and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard conditions. Storage and shipping are performed by relying on current guidelines and regulations.

Moreover, we are establishing a business partnership with a company that has been inspected by WHO (World Health Organization) and has shown that it has set an example in transferring products that need to be refrigerated.