Farmatek has been carrying out new product development activities since 2012, in order to make new products available and to be active with its own brands in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in line with its localization vision.

In its Istanbul R&D lab, established in early 2014, Farmatek had devised departments to develop pharmaceutical technologies and analytic methods, and has been carrying out its R&D activities until 2016. Upon completion of the manufacturing plant in the Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone in the last quarter of 2016, the R&D unit was consequently relocated to the new plant’s state-of-the-art R&D Laboratory.

Our Pharmaceutical Technology Lab established within the R&D Unit at the core of our Kırklareli manufacturing plant was issued its GMP certificate in March 2017, following the inspection carried out by the Turkish Ministry of Health. It is registered as the first and sole Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory possessing a GMP certificate in the industry. Furthermore, our application for becoming an authentic R&D Center, an initiative that is in line with our 2017 goals, was accepted by the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and following rigorous inspections and evaluations, our center was issued the title of R&D Center on 29 May 2017. Our R&D Center performs formulation development and analytic development in a highly scientific environment while carrying out experiments, pilot manufacturing, and analytic method validation. The Center also engages in regulatory activities by preparing regulation application documents in CTD format.

In line with our innovation principle, we are working in collaboration with universities and other players in the industry, when necessary, in a number of projects, while we develop TEYDEB projects and receive TÜBİTAK grants.

Our projects in R & D also contribute to the public health and the economy of the country through the licenses we have received and the licenses being received.