Farmatek Dermatology continues to progress with its expanding product portfolio in psoriasis treatment…

Farmatek Dermatology organized a launch meeting for Psöretin and Potrical-B at Pendik Green Park Hotel between 4 – 7 September. Farmatek Dermatology group’s first oral product Psöretin, which is highly anticipated for the systemic treatment of psoriasis patients, was put into service of Turkish medicine with the slogan “Hold on to Life”.

Psöretin contains acitretin and is available in the forms of 10 mg and 25 mg 100 capsules and Potrical-B, a combination of calcipotriol and betamethasone, is in ointment form.

With the launch of Potrical-B and Psöretin, Farmatek Pharmaceuticals has a wide product portfolio in the area of psoriasis. Farmatek will continue to serve the Turkish health with different products for different needs for psoriasis patients treatments.