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Solid Line

  • Core, Film-coated, Enteric-coated Tablet
  • Powder and Pellet Filling Hard Gelatin Capsule
  • PVC Blistering
  • Alu – Alu Blistering
  • Bottle Tablet Filling

The solid line at the Farmatek Pharmaceuticals Kırklareli Manufacturing Plant has a total capacity of 10 million boxes per year. The solid manufacturing line, which became operational in 2017, was especially designed to carry out mass production in various sizes starting from 750 g to 160 kg. Also, our solid manufacturing line processes a dual function by also serving to produce orphan drugs. This current line is equipped to manufacture high potent products (excluding hormones and anti-neoplastic products). Once the large-scale manufacturing line is engaged in 2018, the solid manufacturing capacity is expected to increase to 60 million boxes per year.