Switching to AP s/4HANA

Aiming to manufacture its own brands to take a step further in its nearly 25-year successful commerce history, Farmatek has consistently improved since 2012.

The decision to switch to the SAP system, which is well-known, widely supported in the industry and appropriate to pharmaceutical standards, was made in June 2016. This was followed by establishing a business partnership with two entities; DETAYSOFT for the period of adjusting and becoming operational as an experienced and industry-wide acclaimed consultancy company and CONVAL GROUP as an experienced company in support and validation project consultancy. This process, which we call the “EINSTEIN INTELLIGENCE TRIANGLE” project, was launched after we purchased the SAP software.

This phase was followed by an implementation phase which was developed with the consultant company, based on a 5-month schedule, basically racing against time, in order to establish a comprehensive structure required by the management team that is effective, auditable and traceable. The Project was launched in August 2016 and with the active participation of the top management team, the process from user requests to conceptual design was completed in 2 months.

Undergoing the transformation from a commercial company to an industrial company undoubtedly brought a number of new requirements. These include information management. We anticipated that the current software would be insufficient to meet the new demands and for the purpose of working in compliance with the international standards; therefore, we decided to switch to a system with which we can manage complex processes and carry out inspections with a systematic structure.

Thanks to devoted efforts of the consultant company and close monitoring and participation of the management, the system went online within 5 months, on January 1st, 2017, as scheduled, including data generation, integrations, validation processes etc.

SAP was designed to provide GMP where traceability including material management, planning, financial reporting, purchasing processes, sales distribution operations and 2D code is made possible after the switching.

In addition to the influences of external pillars including a good SAP, a good adaptation company such as DETAYSOFT, a good validation consultant such as CONVAL; contributions of FARMATEK PROJECT TEAM’s hard work and participation of the TOP MANAGEMENT cannot be denied.

We would like to thank to all of those who have put extraordinary efforts in this project which we are proud of.

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